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My trading technique is known as day trade scalping. There are several different strategies you can take with regard to day trading, but I have found scalping to be consistently profitable, low risk, and less stressful.

The main differences with my trading technique compared to the typical scalper are as follows:

  • I only trade Options.
  • When initiating a position, I do so based on the percentage change in a stock’s price. Each stock has unique movements that are typically consistent on a daily basis. Depending on the stock, when it reaches a specific percentage change, I will execute the trade looking for a quick reversal in stock price. Once I have made a profit of any amount, I will sell.
  • I do not use chart indicators (i.e., RSI, resistance, support, etc). I rely solely on a simple 5 minute real-time chart that is provided by Robinhood (I trade entirely using my cell phone).
  • I typically hold one position at a time in order to ensure I have enough equity available to average down my position if needed. Also, holding one position is a lot less stressful and allows you to be more focused.
  • I have a specific watch list of 30 stocks that I cover every day, and on occasion I may look at other stocks during the day if I see a good trading opportunity. Most of the stocks on my watch list are blue chip and well known; plenty of volume each day.
  • I never trade penny stocks, stocks with low volume, or stocks with an Implied Volatility (IV) over 50%.


Below is a step-by-step breakdown of my trading technique from real trades that I completed.

26 minute video, monotone voice, not exciting.

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